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Dusty Martell - Media Personality Broadcaster

"West Coast Author Joanne Singleton nails it on her first Novel Daughter of Kate. From page one you'll be moved by powerful tides through mysterious adventures and the powerful bond of posthumus love. Travel vicariously to cities Sara dreamed of through exhilarating twists and turns as she endeavors to unravel a deeply buried secret through the help of others and her silver dove necklace. You won't be able to put it down."

Ranka Burzan - Professional Organizer, Author & Presenter, www.SolutionsOrganizing.com

"Every chapter of Joanne's novel is full of suspense and examples of human resillience and compassion. The book is impossible to put away because you become protective of a mother and daughter. This well written story is about mother's love, human triumphs and tragedies. It's also a story of human potential despite powerty and dysfunctional patterns.

The book will inspire you, motivate you to look inside, and believe in the power we all have to be the best we can be.

If you like a great story where anything is possible, then this novel is it.

Joanne, I wish you great success. You deserve it!"

Murray Atherton - Hospitality, Marketing & Sales Professional


Who can really tell what or who guides us through our lives? Is there realy a plan for us?

Sara Wilson is living proof that there just might be someone or someting guiding her through her life, after a tragic life-changing experience.

A wonderful read as the path that Sara seems to be unwittingly following unfolds in her professional and personal life. How captivating to see how her path seems to circumnavigate around her mother, her father and ultimately her life.

Daughter of Kate is a novel that will keep you fascinated and is definitely one you won't be able to put down.

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